Getting started is meant to be the FUN part, however most of us fear taking that first step. Will I fail? Is it the right time? Do I have enough money? AND the biggie – Is this my soul purpose? In other words, will this be the thing that will make me successful?

All great questions, all normal questions and all concerns that need to be addressed.


Did you know that these questions are part of the big picture of your life, your business is often the vehicle in which we use to express and live our soul purpose and that vehicle will often become outdated, too slow, perhaps too fast or just doesn’t offer the right experience anymore. Therefore all those important questions you are asking yourself needs to be addressed in a way that serves you in the long run. I believe branding is the very cornerstone to your life’s work and needs the right map and tools to guide you in your life. It was used by the Native Amercian’s when they talked about finding your totem – to find your totem, was finding your strength and protection. 

I am passionate about helping people know what IS possible and to move forward without the fear of making the wrong decision. The work I provide my clients is about excellence in all aspects. Honouring your idea and vision to create a business, a project or a campaign is what I am inspired to do. We each have a purpose on this earth and I know mine is to give people everything they need to bring transformation into their lives and the lives of others.

When I work with individuals on their personal brand, their business or whether it’s to direct a TV Commercial, I always bring my heart and my intuition to the project. I take everything I do personally and feel responsible to bring the finished product to my clients in a way that will profoundly impact them. I am touched to say that I have had many clients respond emotionally to my work, whether it’s tears of joy or complete silence of being in shock of me presenting what they have not been able to articulate until now.

I am Scarlett Vespa, Mrs V and I am a Human Brand Futurist, working in advertising and branding for over 25 years. I was Head of Broadcast for CBA for six years and worked with many large brands such as Westfield, AMEX, Sanitarium, Newscorp, David Jones, Kelloggs and many more. I hold yearly events for Women ‘The Mrs V Shift’ at The Langham on how to build your best self and workshops on the 7 areas of life to create balance including Technology/A.I., to help take the fear out of technology and see the opportunity approaching.

Times are changing more rapidly than before and I encourage you to focus on starting your business the RIGHT way. I have often seen clients after they have tried to start things ‘piece-meal’ and then it doesn’t stick or work together because of trying to save costs, or not really wanting to commit, this never works. What excuse will you use to hold yourself back from stepping out into the world and getting your work seen, being of service to others and seeing your own value. I value my service to others because as an artist I create something unique for each person and business I work with. I take that person from the beginning right through to the end, yes I’m a one-stop-shop.


Unlike other agencies, I offer an INSTANT QUOTE for you to tailor what you would like to start with. It’s super easy and you’ll know exactly what you are getting and you’ll be able to also see and understand what you need.  Go through the process and get your quote, if you want to change it, just create a new quote again – it’s up to you, it’s all online AND you’ll get discounts that I can’t offer if I were to quote it for you. You will have your complete estimate sent to your INBOX with a payment options to proceed. If you are still unsure, just click on the BOOK SESSION and book a 15 Min Free Session to ask those questions in person OR book a Brand Session to do the first step.  For those who just need a video or stills project quoted, then you can go straight to the VIDEO + STILLS ONLY quote (Includes Agencies).

Branding Session + Brand Guide – Logo, Colours, Fonts + Style Guide

Business Kit – Gmail set-up, Email Signatures, Presentation Templates

Website – Blog, Services, Shop, Online Courses, SEO, Indexing, Google Analytics

Video + Stills – Location, Styling, Studio, Hair/Make-up, Crew, Editing, Graphics, Music

Brochures – Design, Content, Illustrations and Printing

Newsletters – Template Design, Set up + Integration on website

Social Media – Set up, integration and header design