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If you are starting from scratch these are the key features you'll need.

PRESENTATION templates include a 6 page template with your brand colours and in A4 and Landscape on Powerpoint. GMAIL includes integration into your site including setting up with your own URL (domain name) and creating your email signature. Get your BIOGRAPHY written for your site and to use across all mediums. You can pick up to 4 different BUSINESS CARDS one for each team member or just for yourself. 
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Presentation Template

Gmail Set up and integration

Have your bio written for all mediums

Business card Design

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This is the foundation of your business, whether you are an entrepreneur or business.
Your messaging, your language, your campaigns all build from here.  So don't skip this, one session can change everything.
CLICK on the icon below to choose your 90 Minute session or 2 Hour Team Session including a Strategy Report.

How it works, is you CHOOSE what you need by clicking the icon (service) you'd like and if you don't need that service, then click NEXT STEP.

Branding Session with Mrs V

Branding Strategy

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Includes Logo, Fonts, Colours and Shapes

Having a logo that represents your brand is important and even if you are an individual with your name as your business, it's still just as important to express who you are and what you do in your logo. It also helps people recognise your business or service and gives people a level of comfort and professional assurance. You will delivered a high and low res file that can be used across all mediums with black, white or transparent files. Including a brand guide with fonts, colours and style.

Choose the icon below to have your logo created.

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We build your website to suit your needs.
Let’s start with the basics...
We will build you: 6 pages - About, Services, Portfolio, Testimonials, Media and Contact
Includes 2 support Brand Sessions (you can change the titles of course to suit your brand and business).

If you need a website, then start with clicking the Icon Below.

Foundation Website

Additional Features and Functions:



Landing Page for Webinar/Events

Online Course Set up

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It’s important to get it all ready to be found and to manage your site. I recommend to do the below, so choose to confirm.

On-site Optimization
Keyword Research, Meta tags, Interlinking

Google Analytics

Site Indexing

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You’ll need to capture your tribe, so creating a newsletter is a great way to do that THEN you need a way to manage their information. We work with Mailchimp to integrate your sign up form into your website and build your autoresponders and create a beautiful template for your newsletters.


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Part of building a great business is to showcase the ‘life’ in your brand and imagery.

Would you like Mrs V to showcase your brand with videos and photos?

Yes, I'd like to include videos and/or photography.

No thanks!

Let’s start with what you need so you can build the most effective package for you.

My Work/Home (in Sydney)

Hired Studio (in Sydney)

Out of town (We need to talk! So won’t include location in this quote)

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A brochure for your business is a great way to showcase your business at event or with clients that you have started working with. Choose from options below and click on the icon to make a selection.

1 Page/2 Slides

2 Page/4 Slides

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Social media is part of our marketing strategy now and it’s important to have your social channels looking consistent
in their look and feel plus the behaviour of the posts and engagement. We provide the header for all the channels,
in Instagram we provide with you 6 instagram posts and graphics, a built template to use for the future. 

Choose which ones you would like us to create for you by clicking on the icon.

Facebook Design




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Your style is how you are going to express your personal brand or the campaign idea of the video or stills you'll be taking.

We believe spending the time to articulate your brand in your own wardrobe (yes that means a good and honest audit of your clothes - takes 2-3 hours) a 2-3 hour shopping trip to see what wearing your authentic brand feels and looks like PLUS picking the right outfit and silhouette for your shoot is so important. Your images are online for a very long time.

Believe me when you see the images and video  - you'll thank yourself!

Wardrobe Audit

Shopping Day

Shoot Day Styling

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Hair and make-up is very important, if you have not had it done before and believe you can do for your shoot, we highly advise to have a professional do it for you on the day. Skin tone and texture appears differently and that is why it is just as important for me to have it as well. Looking your best and communicating your professionalism is important if this is for your business.

Yes I want Hair and Make-up

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Would you like to get your photographs done! 

Our photography includes all the equipment and lighting required with 3 final images including re-touching. 
Doing photography with your video production is the most cost effective way to do it.
You have a choice to have EDITORIAL (relaxed and often used for social media, magazine or presentations)
PORTRAITS (head shot for biographies or social media) or 
PRODUCT (of your retail product).

Click on what style you want for how many people.

Do you want Portrait Photos?

Do you want Editorial Style Photos?

Do want Product Style Photos?

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Mrs V has had over 25 years experience in video directing TV ads and branded content, so she knows her stuff. You now get the benefit of your production being lean but effective and she has put together the key elements to create an amazing end product. Here we are quoting on doing a 1-3 minute video for your website. This can be a brand video or a campaign based video or a video that can be used to sell a particular product or event. Perhaps you need an opening to your webinar or online course. The cost includes basic crew: Director/Producer, Camera and sound operator to shoot for 4 hours. There is a place to add another cameraman if you want to shoot from 2 angles, which can work really well depending on creative treatment - Mrs V likes to shoot with 2 if your budget can afford (that costs includes cameraman, the additional editing time and 2nd camera kit).

We can also create snippets for social media or a banner for your facebook page or website.

We like to multi-purpose your shoot, so you get the most value from the production. At the end of this quote, we’ll ask you what final combinations you would like. Let’s start with the talent - is that you?

I’m the TALENT


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Music is a key ingredient to an engaging video and we highly advise to use.
We work with production music that is extremely cost effect and you can generally
find the perfect track for your masterpiece.

Yes please!

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A great way to tell your story visually is to film what we call 'cutaway footage or 'overlay' some people call it. This is footage with no sound of the action elements, for example as we capture you talking to or off camera, it would be great to see moving imagery of what you are talking about. Therefore if . you are talking about working with your clients, then we could shoot you working with clients etc. Always a good thing to do as the visual communication is instant for our viewers!
Our cutaways include 4-6 scenarios.

Yes, I want footage at the same location

Yes, I want footage at a different location

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We will then edit your video to be around 1-3 minutes long, it depends on what tells your story best, unless you have specific lengths ie. TV Ads. These costs below include the editing of the video, syncing of footage and sound, sound mix and compiling and exporting the edit to give you your final files. Each video is 1-3 minutes long, if you would like another version edited to focus on on another offer or placement fit including different graphics, then you can pick additional versions below - great time to make use of the production.

Each video production you will receive a final QuickTime File in High Res and Low res plus a MP4 and or GIF for banners.

Final Edited Version 1-3 Mins

No need for you to edit the video

Additional Edited Version 1-3 Minutes

Additional Banner Video 20 Sec

Social Snippets 15 Sec Each x 4

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If you would like us to manage your social media moving forward, we can do the first 3
months packaged in this quote to give you a great head start and impact your brand out there in the marketplace.
Including it now gives you a great bonus!

Yes sign me up!

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Final cost

This tailored quote is (valid for 7 days only):


Description Information Quantity Price
Discount :
Total :

T E R M S  &  C O N D I T I O N S

This website and all the content presented on this website is owned by The Shining Stars Media Group T/A Mrs V Brandlife of PO Box 1153 Rozelle NSW 2039. ABN: 60 159 216 001 and has an approved Trademark 2015. All media assets are created by The Shining Stars Media Group T/A Mrs V Brandlife Brandlife.

The contents of the web site and the web site as a whole are intended solely for your personal, non-commercial use. Any use of the web site and/or any of the content posted on the web site for any purpose other than personal and noncommercial is prohibited without the express prior written permission of Mrs V Brandlife. Do not reproduce, publish, publicly display, publicly perform, modify, adapt, sell, distribute, transmit or otherwise use any of the materials or other content posted on the web site for any commercial purpose. Mrs V Brandlife grants a limited, non-exclusive, restricted, non-transferable, non-sublicensable, revocable license allowing you to download or electronically copy and print any of the content displayed on the web site for your personal, non-commercial use only. All other rights are reserved to The Shining Stars Media Group T/A Mrs V Brandlife.

You agree that you will not access or use the web site in any manner that could damage, disable, impair or cause undue burden on the web site and/or its host, servers, network, systems or other users. You agree that you will not attempt to interfere in any way with the operation of the web site, that you will not transmit any virus or worm to the web site, that you will not use any spider, robot or any other automated mechanism to access the web site and/or its servers or systems, and that you will not engage in flooding, spamming, mail-bombing, crashing or otherwise sending unsolicited e-mail to other users of the web site. You further agree that you will not attempt to access data that is not intended for your use, that you will not attempt to log on to a server or account that you are not authorized to access, and that you will not probe, scan or test the vulnerability of any system or network related in any way to the web site without authorization.


G O O D S + S E R V I C E S 

All parties understand that all the still imagery and/or video footage will be final  by the client’s approval of the proposed schedule in writing by email. The client or Mrs V Brandlife may change the shoot day with 48 hours of notice, Mrs V Brandlife cannot guarantee availabilities of the new suggested date by the client. The client also understands that by participation of the shoot day, this confirms the client approves the creative of the production and cannot claim reshoots for any reason unless agreed by Mrs V Brandlife. The deliverables are as follows for the items selected in the estimate attached only:


a) Logo

i) 1 Hero Logo to be supplied as a master file, HighRes and LowRes

ii) A Brand Guide Page including Fonts and colour guide

iii) Changes of logo (if Scarlett is able to deliver due to the nature of her work as an artist, not a graphic designer) then Scarlett is to deliver 2 rounds of changes/revisions - please see timeline for feedback and revisions.


b) Business Requirements

i) A Branded Powerpoint Template for business use: e.g.  Invoices, Presentations (6 Pages)

ii) Business card master, front and back (format either Square or rectangle) please advise as per timeline options (this master after approval is uploaded into Moo ready for printing and handed over to the client to determine how many prints they require at their cost)

iii)  Gmail set up and an Email Signature, which includes Logo, Email, URL.
iv) Brochures – all brochures will be created in the manner to which Mrs V Brandlife feels is right for the client, they may have 2 rounds of changes but if any work is outside the scope or proposed creative, Mrs V Brandlife may reject the revision.

c) Website

i) One Wix Website including pages and menu that include: Home, About, Services (or similar), Media, Contact, Blog (menu titles maybe switched out)


ii) Copy created by "contractors" as a placeholder and final copy and content direction to be given by "client" including biography


iii) Integration of social media profiles (Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram)

NB: the "client" may choose less social media profiles than what is named here.


iv) SEO of key words into each page of the website


v) Production music licenced by Premium Beat proposed by "contractors", if the client wishes to use another track then that needs to be supplied to production at the cost of the "client"


vi) Revisions of page structure and content include 2 rounds of changes, which needs to be delivered in writing via email from the "client" - please see timeline for feedback and revisions


vii) The Client agrees to:
a) be ready to pay for the hosting package on Wix, Panthur or similar prior to being able to make the website live and integrate the Gmail Account. Payment plans are approximately between: USD$150 and $500 per year.

b) give access to the registration name (URL) in order to point the name servers or advise her IT to do so and

c) in order to set up accounts, Scarlett creates an email to set up clientname@mrsv.com.au  - this is then transferred over once the deliverables have been met - Accounts are for: Gmail, Moo, Wix, Mailchimp. (Makes setting up easier in this development phase).


d) Still Imagery

i) 3 x Hero images delivered in High Resolution 

ii) Re-touching of 3 images include 2 rounds of changes/revisions which needs to be delivered in writing via email from the "client"

NB: Feedback needs to be provided within 3 days in writing via email and delivered back to "client" within 5 days


e) Video for Home or About Page on Website

i) 1 x 1-3 Minute video

ii) Delivery of High Def Master and a SD Master for website and online

iii) Editing of footage includes 2 rounds of changes/revisions, which need to be delivered in writing via email from the "client" NB: Feedback needs to be provided within 3 days and delivered within 5 days

iv) Upon completion of payments the "client" may obtain all digital assets by paying for a hard-drive and delivery to an address as advised - this will be an additional cost paid by "client.

v) The client understands that location fees and permits are not included in this quote unless payment is made for the studio option. 


f) Working Relationship
Scarlett Vespa or a person appointed by Scarlett Vespa will be the point of contact moving forward with the "client". The client understands that there if additional stakeholders are introduced or a change a change of client representative that Mrs V Brandlife reserves the right to charge additional time.


h) Other conditions

This agreement will become effective when approved by the client as per the checking box and then paid for in part or full and is deliverable within 3 months (unless otherwise states and paid for in the quote) and the timeline is not dependant on approvals from the client, only deliverables.


i) Terminating the Agreement

If either party wishes to terminate the agreement, then the "client" understands that there are no refunds or reshoots for the work done to date. If there are remaining monies due the "client" will owe 50% of the remaining balance and will be due within 7 days of written cancellation or non-payment of scheduled fees. The "client" will receive all assets created up to the point of termination, to be delivered pursuant with terms of delivery as stated in 1 e).

ii) Exclusive Agreement

This is the entire Agreement between "contractors" and "client".

iii) Modifying OR VARIATION OF the Agreement

This Agreement may be modified or varied only a new agreement created and signed by both parties.

iv) Resolving Disputes

If a dispute arises under this Agreement, the parties agree to resolve the dispute only with the help of a mutually agreed-upon mediator in the state of California. Any costs and fees other than legal, solicitors or attorney fees associated with the mediation shall be shared equally by the parties. 

v) Applicable Law

This Agreement, and any and all Disputes arising thereunder, are governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of California, United States of America and all states in Australia.

vi) Assignment and Delegation

Either party may not assign or (except as disclosed in the Schedule) subcontract any rights or obligations under this agreement without either parties prior written approval.

vii) Rights

The "contractors" may use the deliverables and other works created or licensed under this Agreement for promotional and marketing purposes and the client hereby grants to the "contractors" and its affiliates, and each of their respective direct and indirect successors, licensees, and assigns, the right to use the "client’s" imagery and likeness in connection with the "contractor's" use of the Works.


viii) Confidentiality

Both parties acknowledge that pursuant to the relationship created by this Agreement, the "contractors" and the "client" may be exposed to "client’s" confidential Information and the "contractors" agree to keep confidential and not disclose to any party the confidential Information unless specifically authorized in writing to do so by either party, or as otherwise required by law.


ix) You agree that any online or live participation paid or unpaid, may be used by Mrs V Brandlife in order to market The Shining Stars Media Group P/L including any held business names, including re-packaging in the form of audio, video, imagery or written quotes taken from the online or live participation.



U S E R  C O M M E N T S / F E E D B A C K / O T H E R  S U B M I S S I O N S

All comments, feedback, postcards, suggestions, ideas, and other submissions disclosed, submitted or offered to mrsvsociety.com on or by this web site or otherwise disclosed, submitted or offered in connection with your use of this web site (collectively, the “Comments”) shall be and remain Mrs V Brandlife property. Such disclosure, submission or offer of any Comments shall constitute an assignment to Mrs V Brandlife of all worldwide rights, titles and interests and shall not be limited in any way in its use, commercial or otherwise, of any Comments. Thus, Mrs V Brandlife will own exclusively all such rights, titles and interests and shall not be limited in any way in its use, commercial or otherwise, of any Comments. Mrs V Brandlife is and shall be under no obligation: (1) to maintain any Comments in confidence; (2) to pay to user any compensation for any Comments; or (3) to respond to any user Comments. You agree that no Comments submitted by you to the web site will violate any right of any third party, including copyright, trademark, privacy or other personal or proprietary rights(s). You further agree that no Comments submitted by you to the web site will be or contain libelous or otherwise unlawful, abusive or obscene material. You are and shall remain solely responsible for the content of any Comments you make.


U S E  O F  T H E  W E B S I T E

Harassment in any manner or form on the web site, including via e-mail and chat or by obscene or abusive language is strictly forbidden. Impersonation of others, including Mrs V Brandlife or other licensed employee, host, or representative as well as other members or visitors on the web site is prohibited. You may not upload to, distribute, or otherwise publish through the web site any content which is libelous, defamatory, obscene, threatening, invasive of privacy or publicity rights, abusive, illegal, or otherwise objectionable which may constitute or encourage a criminal offence, violate the rights of any party or which may otherwise give rise to liability or violate any law. You may not upload commercial content on the web site or use the web site to solicit others to join or become members of any other commercial online service or organisations.


S P E A K E R S / M E M B E R S / E X P E R T S

All persons and businesses on this site being members, experts, speakers or commentators or other persons or company making statements or representations herein (other than directors, executives and employees of The Shining Star Media Group) are not acting as servants or agents for The Shining Star media group and Mrs V Brandlife website and any statement or representation made by any such influencer/contributor /editor/commentator/person/company is not that of The Shining Stars Media Group. The Shining Stars Media Group disclaim all and any liability (if any) that may result from the making of any such statement or liability.


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